We do Branding, web products, android, iOS apps development and much more.

Orangika Technologies llp developers can customize blueprint of your thoughts on world of web with the finest and state-of-the-art tools, methodologies and techniques to give you the modest and competitive / viable edge to stand apart. Focusing on client’s necessities, competitors, and contenders we make you drive your business with uncompromising quality with our finest tailor-made craftsmanship, business strategy and enhanced policies – we create professionally designed website for your global reach.

A decent website is key for any corporate brand needed to remain modest and competitive. That’s why we the Orangika Technologies llp remain functional with countless dealings to develop global road to success – improving overall plans and designs, competences and more. We develop e-Commerce solutions and its hassle-free transactions, launching our products digitally worldwide, and showcasing our business to end-user easily.

We offer wide range solutions not only for a software development but also for Android app development, iOS app development, SAP development, CRM development, CMS development, ecommerce development, SEO - Search Engine Optimization, Branding, Logo Design, Print Media, Digital Media, Consultancy, Innovation, QA, Automated testing as well as manual testing, CCTV Surveillance, 3rd Party Assistance Provider, Hardware - Sales and Services, Maintainance and Support, Start-up planner, Event management planner and much more...

We have not only experienced but skilled resources to put your thoughts into action derives potential project, specifying in all the latest resources, plans and programs. Our developers are accomplished thus can help and achieve your dream come true.

Every commercial business desires a logo that leaves an influence. That’s why we plans with our patrons to produce operative, effective, efficient, unique and impactful state-of-the-art logos, for almost any commerce. Our stylists requisite information about once market reach and the values you sustain uphold as an society when crafty a logo. Crafting images using vector graphics and details.

Whether you’re demanding slight tunings to your existing / current website or a whole website overhaul, we can help you in any instance. We even explore your website, application on to our demo servers for your final endorsement, before initiating and launching it.

A decent logo helps brand recognition, acknowledgement and a strong robust corporate image. Orangika Technologies llp assures that your brand will represent your business and keep your stance using of uniqueness with accurate shapes, color, fonts, textures, feel, images, impression.

Multi-use Purpose, features, appropriate for numerous web based applications and devices, while maintainingand upholding its significance and impact